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VS Code extensions NOT only for Frontend developers

VS Code extensions NOT only for Frontend developers

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Jakub Smetanka
·Nov 28, 2021·

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Prettier - Code formatter

It is code formatter with support of many languages. It can automatically format the code right after save which save your time and increase productivity. Image description

Better comments

This extension is used for more friendly comments, you are able to customize tags by your own. Very easy configurations with support to plenty of programming languages. Image description

Angular Snippets

Snippets for Angular, Typescript, HTML. Image description

#Intelisense path Extension to autocomplete filenames. Image description

IntelliSense for CSS class names in HTML

This extension take care of completion of CSS class in HTML. Image description


Javascript Linter extension. Alt Text


This extension provide to you useful information from git on hovering of each line. Easy to explore repository, with possibility to be fast redirected to requested file in your Source Control Client (GitHub, BitBucket, ...). Alt Text

#ThunderClient Is lightweight Rest API Client. It is alternative to Postman not that heavy but still useful. Alt Text

Live Server

Helps to launch local development server with live reloading of static and dynamic pages as well. Alt Text

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